The assembly version of Mimizuku Saga 10, originally written in BASIC. The original version was submitted to the 2021 Basic 10liner Contest in PUR-80 category.  That is, it's 10 lines long. The 4K version uses multicolor bitmap mode instead of PETSCII characters, has sprites, music and sound effects. And it works waaaay faster. The game was submitted to 2022 Reset64 4KB Craptastic Game Competition.

Game supports PAL/NTSC/DREAN machines and plays fine on both, 6581 and 8580 SID chips.


Some legends are lost in the depths of time, and Mimizuku's story could have been one of them...

One day, your dead ancestors wished to get back to life so they called you to come down to Yomi, the realm of the dead. The underworld.
They can't escape the underworld by themselves - you need to come and lead them out.

But you know that Izanami, the gatekeeper of the underworld, will not let you through easily. So you take the shape of an eared owl and sneak in, unnoticed.

You know the only way to free your ancestors is to offer Izanami the finest sake in return for their souls.

The greedier they were in their life, the more sake it takes to free their spirits from the underworld.

You also know you only have limited life force to get you through the underworld: each step takes away some of it.
If you run out of sake, you can sacrifice some of the life force... but will you have enough to back?

How to play

  • To succeed, you have to free 25 ancestors and remain alive so you can get back from the underworld
  • This is a hard task to complete, as with each step, your life force weakens
  • You don't have to free all ancestors on your path, keep an eye on your life force first, it's OK to skip a few annoying ex-family members!
  • Collect sake bottles so when freeing ancestors, Izanami will take some sips of sake first, and only if you don't have any sake left, your life force will be drained instead and that is not good
  • The greedier your ancestors were in their life, the more sake it takes to free their spirits from the underworld
  • You are progressing down the realm of the dead by entering tori gates spread over the area


One the top of the screen you see:

  • a number of your ancestors left you have to free
  • life force remaining
  • sips of sake, each bottle contains 7 samurai-sized sips of the finest sake


Use joystick in port 2. You can also use WASD keys on the keyboard.

To start a new game, press fire button or hit the SPACE BAR.

To return to the title screen, hit RESTORE key.

Enjoy the game and other compo entries from the 2022 Craptastic 4K competition!!

Check out for more games and open source projects!

Thanks to for the embedded Commodore 64 JS emulator!


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An interesting concept Commocore ! Keep on doing your best.

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Nice game!

Nice! Glad you like it! Thanks for posting!

You're never tired of posting new games, when do you sleep? Keep the good work with your channel anyways :).

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There is an old wise proverb if you don´t have to say something positive about someone or something is better don´t express something. Dear noggerinos, anyone is really free to express own criticism; yes, but positive criticism. Remember that code demands efforts and investment in time to develop a passion to follow a legacy that we love so much, that of developing games for the Commodore 64 in this case. 

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I have banned and removed selected comments from noggerinos (actually doing it for the first time ever) as his/her/their digressions were highly unrelated to the subject of this page, and disrespectful. I am also 100% for criticism and subjective views, but only when shared with the respect and a little culture.  We're all here to have a good fun, and no matter if our games are good or crap ("Craptastic" competition, coincidence?), everything can be said with a good taste and good intentions. Hopefully, I'm cutting the flame. I feel sorry that it happened here.

You did it well. Noggerinos is a waste of time. Take care.