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CommodoRex is yet another version of T-Rex, a popular runner that you can play when your Chrome web browser is disconnected from the internet. And doing exactly the opposite was the purpose of this project: to play T-Rex when your C64 is online! With 64NIC+ or WiC64 cartridges attached to your C64 this is possible! But, in case you don't have these cartridges, you still can enjoy playing offline and save your hi-scores to disk or tape.

Instructions are available on the official site of the game: www.commocore.com/commodorex

Game will be released around Tue, September 27th. There might be stream event on twitch.tv/commocore scheduled for Fri,  September 30th.

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TagsCommodore 64, Endless Runner, online, Runner


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Nice game!

Thaaaanks! And thanks for the video, you're always the first one <3

Cool releasedate. :-) Synonym for never? 

Haha, yeah, good catch. Funny as this was a date proposed to me in a conversation with some magazine. Only later this afternoon while thinking of making a stream event for that release, I checked that this date doesn’t exist :). But I got some dates. So it might be released around 27th and I could do a stream 30th September. How does it sound?

More realistic at least. ;)

Right :D. Game is ready and has been submitted to the competition. Now I can announce it that it will be released on ZZAP! 64 Micro Action Issue #10's cover disk, due for publication around September 27. Yay \o/.