This is a rather quick and spontaneous sequel to Bring back my bones 4k created for 2020 Reset64 Craptastic 4k game competition. This one was written for 2022 edition of this competition!

In this version you're gonna encounter one extra creature in the level that is the CEMETERY. Hopefully no one will ever collect your bones from there...


Buckle up, beat the beasts, and... bring back my bones!

In this swift shoot-n-collect pseudo 3D game, you are to bring together the scattered bones of your crazy uncle. He may have left you a hefty sum... but you won't know it until you talk to his ghost, stuck in between worlds.

So venture into the dark forest to gather all his bones. Watch out though - it's no mushroom picking.

His earthly remains are closely guarded by some seriously scary soul-devouring beasts. Once you've got them all, cook up some fresh broth - and hear back from your uncle!

Bones, beasts, and broth - what a craptastic story!


W - move forward

A - rotate left

S  - move back

D - rotate right

, [comma] - strafe left

. [dot] - strafe right

SPACE BAR - starts new game, shoot

P - pause


  • An arrow on top of the screen indicates location of the cauldron.
  • The green bar at the bottom indicates your health level.
  • The blue bar below indicates when your projectile spell is recharged.
  • All bones you'll find will be shown in the right bottom corner.

How to play

  • The number of bones is unknown (but I think there are 13 of them).
  • Collected bones can be dropped in the cauldron by taking a step towards it.
  • Be smart about it, as dropping each bone to the cauldron replenishes a portion of your health level.
  • It takes several seconds for your projectile spell to recharge.
  • Use strafe, and step back and shoot when the evil creatures attack you.

Enjoy the game and other compo entries from the 2022 Craptastic 4K competition!!

Check out for more games and open source projects!

Thanks to for the embedded Commodore 64 JS emulator!


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bring-back-more-bones-4k.prg 3 kB
bring-back-more-bones-4k-docs.prg 2 kB


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Very nice Doom clone  in unusual style. Our German-language review can be found in our recorded livestream starting at 03:45:47. Subscription to our YouTube or Twitch channel is welcome. 🙂


Thanks a lot for playing and reaching me out, much appreciated! I subscribed for both channels! I noticed you tried to find keys for strafe. "<" and ">" keys are used for it. And indeed, you can shoot only straight.

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hell no. controls didn't even work on hoxs, not sure if it works on vice.

-10/10. doom will never run on commodore's, just give it a rest already.

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What controls have you used? This game works with WASD and "," or "." for strafe. I don't know Hoxs64 but it works under Vice and on the real thing.

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i'm using an older version of hoxs (1.0.25-ish?)  and none of the keys work, even after trying some rebinds.

i remember this game worked once in some earlier build i tried, but i already found out it's not for me, so...


Holy cow, that has to be one of the coolest things I have seen on the C64! I would just adore a full fledged dungeon crawler based on this. With items, puzzles, weapons, stats, doors, keys, ... doesn't even need to have a real story. I adore that minimalist approach that doesn't look minimalist, really. :3 How some colours, screen shakes can create such effects is very cool! :3

This is, basically, the stuff of dreams of old, and new, and I would like to spend endless nights exploring. :3

Wow, such a nice comment! Thanks Jammet! I am going definitely to release the full game with many weapons, doors, secrets and tons of creatures and different locations! 4kb size limit was a great challenge, but the full version will contain spooky music, creature animations and more. Throw any ideas you like and stay tuned!

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Congrats Commocore !  A video in your honor.

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Hi, How can I skip the intro and start playing the game ? I pressed space bar and tects continues without skip them. Thanks in advance. I have noticed recently that d64 file is ok but prg can not a start the game.

Oh I see what's missing. You ran the docs PRG file that is separated from the game (it wouldn't fit in 4k with the game). I have added the game file. Thanks for playing it!


Thanks for your game ! It´s pretty entertainment. Cheers !

Thanks, C64 MASTERS! Love your comment. I want to make this game even more entertaining and balanced, something that wouldn't fit in 4kb. If you have any ideas, please throw them at me! Stay tuned and let me know if you managed to finish this level :).


Of course Dear Commocore, we are pasionated gamers. I would help with ideas. I gonna give a try again for sure. Your game deserves to be a huge production. We´ll be in contact. By the way, my account is Greetings.


Nice game!

Thanks Saberman! And thanks for the upload on your awesome channel! \o/